Equals Costume Designer talks with Close -Up Culture on working with Kristen Stewart!

Q: I saw a picture of work you did with Kristen Stewart – who I regard to be the best actor around at the moment – on your website. Can you talk about working with Kristen and share any memories from your time around her?

A: I was initially one of the first designers on Equals. I started all the concepts and made the first samples for the lead characters.

I loved working with Kristen. She was very respectful of the design process, very professional and fun to work with. It was a small project, so I had to transform my house into an office space. I actually ended up doing her fittings in my own personal bedroom. It was such a surreal moment. I remember wondering what my neighbours’ reaction would be if they saw her coming out of my house.

Source:  https://closeupculture.com/2018/12/01/interview-costume-designer-carlos-rosario-on-the-girl-in-the-spiders-web-and-his-impressive-career/


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