About TKS Blog

Welcome to the Talking Kristen Stewart Blog site! 

Hi, I’m  -Admin D  I’m your administrator of  Talking Kristen  Stewart and you probably know me from running my other blog site Talking Twilight.  And also for my Let’s Talk Twilight page.   I’m such a big fan of Kristen Stewart that is the reason why I chose to make blog of her and also I run a fan  page of her  on Facebook called Talking Kristen Stewart. That has reached over 5,151  fans so far. If anyone a has Facebook please become a fan of my page!  The first movie I saw of her was the Twilight movies and I thought she was just amazing.  After I saw Twilight I saw her other movies like Speak, The Messengers, Cake Eaters, Adventure Land and others of hers.  One of my favorite movies of hers is Speak I just thought she was amazing in that movie.  What I love about Kristen is that she is not afraid to be herself, she is always honest in her interviews,  she speaks her mind,  she doesn’t pretend to be someone else that she is not, she has dealt with everything with such class and I admire her for that.

*To the fans of this blog site* I’m not Kristen Stewart and I’m just a fan who runs this blog site.  She is not on any social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter and I’m not in contact with Kristen Stewart’s management. 


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