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Kristen Stewart talks with Italy IO Donna Magazine!

When you stand in front of Kristen Stewart forget that only 26 years, not because it proves one more, but there are stars in their forties much less safe or much more carefree about her. Maybe it is used to move in showbiz since she, a child, began to be talked about with Panic RoomDavid Fincher (she was the daughter of Jodie Foster) and perhaps even earlier, with a TV producer father and a filmmaker mom and screenwriter ; It is that for some years has had to deal with the worldwide success of Twilight , with crazed fans all over the globe.

Then the story with co-star vampire saga Robert Pattinson , a little ‘true a little’ invented ( “Our relationship had been transformed into a product, something sickening,” he told Kristen just a few weeks ago, four years after ‘ last film in the series, to T , the magazine of the New York Times ); the adventure with Rupert Sanders, director married Snow White and the Huntsman (she was Snow White); rumors (and photos) on its relationship with the producer and his former assistant Alicia Cargile, with French singer Soko, again with his former assistant. Never a real coming out, only phrases like: everyone has the right to love who wants to.
Of her immediately known green eyes and perfect made-up perfectly as well. It is tiny, not high, simple – jeans, shirt. He smiles, if it happens, but the average serious and thoughtful air. In November will be released in the US on his new film, Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk Ang Lee, from September 29 next be seen in the Café Society, the film is set in the Hollywood of the Thirties by Woody Allen and his character is Vonnie, undecided secretary between a rich man much older than her (Steve Carell) and a penniless young man in search of glory (Jesse Eisenberg).

Vonnie is able to maintain a certain detachment from the Hollywood system, too, apparently. How can it, considering among other things that it is one of the highest paid actresses ?
Vonnie keeps his distance just beginning: as the movie progresses completely falls into that world. Because it enjoys. It has something spontaneous and honest that made it easy to understand me. As for me, what I like is to tell stories; how to most actors, I think. Then of course, also the economic aspect is interesting, but if it were only that (maybe for some it is) this work would be meaningless.

In Cafe Society is a secretary; in Personal shopper by Olivier Assayas, which is coming out in many European pasi (not in Italy for now) in recent months has, in fact, the personal shopper of a star; even an actress was the personal assistant last year in Sils Maria : what effect does reverse roles and interpret people working for you every day? 

It’s funny, because it is a world that I know well. However I do not have a personal shopper: Usually we actors do not have any, clothes for the red carpet and the press conference ended and we lend them the event we have to return them. There is no one going out to buy skirts and pants for me.

There is not even one who recommend? 

I have a stylist, the same for many years.

From 2013 it is one of the faces of Chanel. How important for her fashion? 

I like it very much. You can also tell stories through clothes. For some fashion is shallow or unattractive, others have not defined tastes and rely on a consultant, but I feel that when I’m wearing the dress and the right accessories are the real version of myself. I do not want a nice look because they all look at me, I want it to feel good. To hear “me.”
Personal shopper also has a side of horror: ghosts, supernatural manifestations. 
Do you think that when I read the script I had not noticed … it is ambiguous. The real theme of the movie, in my opinion, is the search for peace.

She found her? 

Yes: I am very calm at this time. But the serenity is not to be confused with contentment. Do not point to that. I like to feel uncomfortable, question me on things, explore new territories: not a quiet, here, but in all this “do” I find a kind of inner peace.

In the film his character continuously sends texting on his smartphone. She also uses it so much? 

Be ‘, you can work with your smartphone, design, keep in touch with friends. I am very interested in the language we use: everyone has their own way of putting the punctuation, spaces, Accapi, everyone develops a personal writing that says a lot about himself.

Have you ever tried to do without phone for a while ‘? 

Oh, I am not so dependent on having to detoxify. My only company profile is on Instagram, so to speak. But in fact sometimes I find myself picking up the smartphone without a reason, and then I ask, but what I’m looking for? Anything? If it’s just because I am bored I try to fill the time with something else.

For example? 

This summer I directed my first short film. I wanted to be a film director already nine years old … It’s called How to Swim, I shot in three weeks; to write it rather took me a lot longer. The protagonist is my friend, Josh is not an actor but great.

Even Jodie Foster, with whom she began as a child, became a director after a long acting experience. As she began working as a child. Some critics noticed a resemblance between you even in the way of acting and speaking as if Jodie had given a kind of imprinting. You are very connected? 
Yes. We understand immediately and we still attend. There is something that we recognize instinctively into one another. For me it has always been a point of reference. And it is an honor whenever my name is mentioned next to his.

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Kristen Stewart talks with Gala Magazine!

Is it different to come to Cannes as a director?

Kristen: It’s interesting not working for anyone. When I am only acting in a movie, I feel like this expression to sort of like represent a movie the way the filmmaker wanted it to be represented not just my own personal experience with it but I am always like, wanting to do a good job for someone because I know that feeling, that protective feeling. Coming now in Cannes for this project, I feel like I have no responsibility. I feel really relaxed and also truly flabbergasted that it’s showing here.

Why was it important for you to show this project in Cannes?

Kristen: Thierry Fremaux, who’s the director of the festival was nice enough to let me come hang out for a minute and I think it’s kind of like, again, not to, you know, he’s just being nice. “We love you here. You can come show your movie.” I found it very nice from him because it’s true I feel home in Cannes.

So how is your French?

Kristen: Ca va bien, merci. I’ve been working so I haven’t been able to focus on it, but there’s this great app called Duolingo, I’ve just worked with Vincent Cassel as well so I’ve been with him on set all the time who was like: “So, let’s hear it!”, I am like: Why not? But I know the words but I can’t put the word together. He made fun of me but I think I just need to do, to be either here for a while and it will all filter back in.

A new hairdo, new look…is it a statement?

Kristen: I did it for a movie, called Underwater. I play an underwater engineer who is in and out swimsuit so for practicability reasons, it was actually coincided with the movie. Today, I feel more comfortable with short hair so I think I am gonna stay a while like this because I feel more free.

It seems to be that you are trying to break from your image a bit fragile and pale at the time of Twilight for example. Is it the case?

Kristen: I wanted to garn against it be a hard look and kind of action hero. Since this new look, I feel quite delicate, I feel more feminine almost which I didn’t think it was going to happen, I was even considering wardrobe choices, we were thinking everything had to be kind of softer, the hair…and immediately kind of opened me up. So I didn’t do it the way I thought I was gonna do it. I think I am going to stay like this for a while because for my next projects I can get full wigs anyway so I kind of have any look I want!