Kristen Stewart talks with Gala Magazine!

Is it different to come to Cannes as a director?

Kristen: It’s interesting not working for anyone. When I am only acting in a movie, I feel like this expression to sort of like represent a movie the way the filmmaker wanted it to be represented not just my own personal experience with it but I am always like, wanting to do a good job for someone because I know that feeling, that protective feeling. Coming now in Cannes for this project, I feel like I have no responsibility. I feel really relaxed and also truly flabbergasted that it’s showing here.

Why was it important for you to show this project in Cannes?

Kristen: Thierry Fremaux, who’s the director of the festival was nice enough to let me come hang out for a minute and I think it’s kind of like, again, not to, you know, he’s just being nice. “We love you here. You can come show your movie.” I found it very nice from him because it’s true I feel home in Cannes.

So how is your French?

Kristen: Ca va bien, merci. I’ve been working so I haven’t been able to focus on it, but there’s this great app called Duolingo, I’ve just worked with Vincent Cassel as well so I’ve been with him on set all the time who was like: “So, let’s hear it!”, I am like: Why not? But I know the words but I can’t put the word together. He made fun of me but I think I just need to do, to be either here for a while and it will all filter back in.

A new hairdo, new look…is it a statement?

Kristen: I did it for a movie, called Underwater. I play an underwater engineer who is in and out swimsuit so for practicability reasons, it was actually coincided with the movie. Today, I feel more comfortable with short hair so I think I am gonna stay a while like this because I feel more free.

It seems to be that you are trying to break from your image a bit fragile and pale at the time of Twilight for example. Is it the case?

Kristen: I wanted to garn against it be a hard look and kind of action hero. Since this new look, I feel quite delicate, I feel more feminine almost which I didn’t think it was going to happen, I was even considering wardrobe choices, we were thinking everything had to be kind of softer, the hair…and immediately kind of opened me up. So I didn’t do it the way I thought I was gonna do it. I think I am going to stay like this for a while because for my next projects I can get full wigs anyway so I kind of have any look I want!